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Not one breath was restored

On Being Asked To Write A Poem Against The War In Vietnam
By Hayden Carruth

Well I have and in fact
more than one and I’ll
tell you this too

I wrote one against
Algeria that nightmare
and another against

Korea and another
against the one
I was in

and I don’t remember
how many against
the three

when I was a boy
Abyssinia Spain and
Harlan County

and not one
breath was restored
to one

shattered throat
mans womans or childs
not one not

but death went on and on
never looking aside

except now and then
with a furtive half-smile
to make sure I was noticing.


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This poem will be read in July (or October)

And so… the time has come. I’m posting my own work on my blog for the first time, and I decided to make it my newest one, which I wrote because of a challenge put forth by my family. “Write a Christmas poem!” my aunt said, but I could not think of anything to write about Christmas that hadn’t already been done. So, I decided to write a not-a-Christmas (but really a Christmas) poem. Enjoy!

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