My first spoken-word show

First of all, let me say that I know I’ve let this blog fall by the wayside a bit. I just started with my last semester of college, and I’m knee deep in classes like Communication Law and Theory–not to mention interning and running another blog for a local economic development council.

So, busy as a bee, that’s me! Too busy to even think of a less cliched metaphor. However, I fully intend to start keeping up with this blog again, especially because I’ve found some recent inspiration for posts. But first, one of the topics I promised you weeks ago: The Asia Project.

This was the first spoken-word poetry show I’ve been to. I’ve attended poetry slams, of course, and I’ve seen some poets who were pretty amazing at performing, but this was my first actual show. With famous people. Or as famous as poets can be, that is.

It was awe-inspiring.

The show was the Asia Project, which features Asia Samson. He’s been on BET and Def Poetry Jam, and he’s one of the most booked poets on college campuses. His poetry is honest and hilarious, and he puts on a great all-around show. He recites his poetry to music and focuses on trying to make his audience accept themselves. So it’s not the most original message, but it’s still a touching, honest testimonial. Check out some of his videos here.

If my school had come up to me and asked who, out of all the spoken-word poets in the world, they should bring to campus, would I have said Asia? Probably not. But I was quite surprised and impressed—and now I’ve got the bug. Watching a poet on Youtube just does not compare to watching a show live! Must. Find. Another.


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