You and I at least try


“What is the point of worrying oneself too much about what one could or could not have done to control the course one’s life took? Surely it is enough that the likes of you and I at least try to make our small contribution count for something true and worthy. And if some of us are prepared to sacrifice much in life in order to pursue such aspirations, surely that in itself, whatever the outcome, cause for pride and contentment.”  – Kazuo Ishiguro, The Remains of the Day

Just bought this book, so expect a review sometime soon! I’m not too far into it, but I’m already surprised by how different the narration is to Ishiguro’s Never Let Me Go. I think I’ll like that one more, but this one certainly has great potential already.



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Not one breath was restored

On Being Asked To Write A Poem Against The War In Vietnam
By Hayden Carruth

Well I have and in fact
more than one and I’ll
tell you this too

I wrote one against
Algeria that nightmare
and another against

Korea and another
against the one
I was in

and I don’t remember
how many against
the three

when I was a boy
Abyssinia Spain and
Harlan County

and not one
breath was restored
to one

shattered throat
mans womans or childs
not one not

but death went on and on
never looking aside

except now and then
with a furtive half-smile
to make sure I was noticing.

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Kelsey, how darling

Um, hey. Remember me? That girl who used to post about writing sometimes, but then disappeared for four or five months? Yeah, that girl. I’ve decided it’s time to resurrect my blog, and I figured I would start with a reintroduction of sorts.

I wrote a little non-fiction story a year or so ago, for a competition put on by Lady Gaga of all people. The prompt was “Why are you born this way?” Of course, the winning entry was a gay man who had struggled with acceptance all this life, which is a worthy story, but definitely not mine. Anyway, I feel like this sums me up pretty well, for all of its wackiness. Enjoy!

Born Backwards

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She had left it too late

“A second night. She wanted one more night at least, so that they could finish what they started. How might she say that? She couldn’t, of course. Faint-hearted as usual, she had left it too late. In the future, I’ll be braver, she told herself. In the future, I will always speak my mind, eloquently, passionately.” – Emma Morley, One Day

I’m not a big believer in Valentine’s Day, but if you’ve got someone you’re thinking about, just go for it. Don’t regret that you never tried!


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I thought I’d finally got rid of you

So, I just read One Day. It happened on accident, really—I had no intention of doing so, but a friend of mine threw the book at me and said, “Read it.”

I have to admit, I wasn’t expecting much. Sure, the movie was pleasant, but kind of standard chick-flick fair, and the ending really stood out as jarring and unnecessary to me.

Let me just say, the phrase “the book is better” has never been more applicable than now. Even though David Nicholls wrote the screenplay and the novel, the book is still so much better.
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My first spoken-word show

First of all, let me say that I know I’ve let this blog fall by the wayside a bit. I just started with my last semester of college, and I’m knee deep in classes like Communication Law and Theory–not to mention interning and running another blog for a local economic development council.

So, busy as a bee, that’s me! Too busy to even think of a less cliched metaphor. However, I fully intend to start keeping up with this blog again, especially because I’ve found some recent inspiration for posts. But first, one of the topics I promised you weeks ago: The Asia Project.

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A quote, a video and a promise


A purpose of human life, no matter who is controlling it, is to love whoever is around to be loved. – Kurt Vonnegut, The Sirens of Titan



The quote: I read The Sirens of Titan over the Christmas break and haven’t gotten around to writing about it yet. But I will!

The video: I saw this man, Asia Samson, at my first official spoken-word poetry show, and I haven’t gotten around to writing about him yet. But I will!

Those are the promises.

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